Grand Park's Got Moves: Blue13 Dance Company Performance

Grand Park

Grand Park, a vibrant outdoor gathering space in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, presents a commissioned new work by Blue13 Dance Company as part of its annual Grand Park’s Got Moves site-specific dance series, developed during a public residency at Grand Park from November 10 to 14, 2014. 

The residency ends on Friday, November 14 in an evening of dance, music, and food with the record selectors of LA’s Discostan and a culminating performance by Blue13.

Blue13’s work journeys through time and techniques, from the modern to the classical, the contemporary to the ancient, from the violently fractured to the peacefully unified. Utilizing contemporary Indian dance theatre and elements of live music, the ensemble explores a story of young love, prejudice, migration, rebellion, and transformation. Blue13 investigates what it means to look across the waters today and backwards through history, responding to the aftermath of the India-Pakistan partition and its direct and indirect influence on the modern South Asian American identity. Moving further back in time, Blue13 delves into the shared origins of more traditional elements of Indian dance, wearing “ghungroos” or ankle bells, and employing classical Indian Kathak rhythms and gestures, as well as Sufi-inspired whirling to bring audience, lovers, and dancers together into a cohesive and enlightened unison. Experts in audience engagement, Blue13 allows the work to be transformed by the diverse audiences they encounter in Grand Park during the week, and the conversations, emotions, and responses that arise.

Image Credit: Earl McDaniel III for Blue 13 Dance 


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Grand Park

200 N Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012