In Search of the Dot that Created the Circle: Geometry in Nature

Zanbeel Art

Zanbeel Art’s program for LA/IAI includes two educational workshops bringing students from Will Rogers Middle School and 112th Street Elementary School to the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, as well as two exhibitions.  

The first exhibition is a two-week November preview at Seyhoun Gallery titled, In Search of the Dot that Created the Circle: Geometry in Nature; the second is a full exhibition of the same name at CB1 Gallery, from January 25-February 2015. 

In Search of the Dot that Created the Circle: Geometry in Nature investigates the universal and transformative nature of geometry in Islamic art. This engaging exhibition, curated by Amina Ahmed & Santiago Navila, explores the discipline through the practice of teachers and alumni of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (PSTA). The exhibition journeys through this universal tradition to see how this process was revived and is continued today.  Included are the works of master geometricians Keith Critchlow, Paul Marchant and their students from the East and the West, tracing in particular how geometry is manifested in Islamic art and emphasizing the essential underlying symbolic principle that permeates all living things.

Participating Artists

Keith Critchlow, Paul Marchant, Emma Clark  in association with Petherick Urquhart & Hunt, Simon Tretheway, Parveen Zuberi, Lisa deLong, Tom Bree, Katya Nosyreva, Susana Marin, Shafon Miah, Kayo Kimura, Adam Williamson, Sama Mara & Lee Westwood, Natasha Mann, Leila Dear

Zanbeel Art is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) that aims to provide a platform for the transnational cultural dialogue and for the sharing of ideas by means of educational programs and festivals in Visual Art, History, Literature, Film, and Music.  Zanbeel Art brings exposure to established and emerging multinational South Asian artists. Our vision is to inspire and enrich marginalized communities and students of low socio-economic schools in the United States and South Asia. The programs extend beyond cultural boundaries by fostering an understanding of what brings us together and what it is that separates us. This inclusive platform nurtures a disparate society by giving it a voice through the arts.   

Seyhoun Gallery was founded over forty years ago in Tehran by the painter Massoumeh Noushin Seyhoun, former student and wife of Houshang Seyhoun, Dean of the School of Fine Arts and Architecture at Tehran University and one of Iran’s leading artists and architects. Since founding the gallery, Seyhoun has presented and promoted virtually all the leading figures in contemporary Iranian Art. Late in 2004, Maryam Seyhoun, daughter of Massoumeh and Houshang Seyhoun, opened an outpost of Tehran’s Gallery Seyhoun in Los Angeles.

CB1 Gallery strives to promote and nurture intellectually stimulating work which implements an intersectional aesthetic. Founded by Clyde Beswick in 2010, CB1 aims to provide a platform for inspired conversation amongst both participating artists and community members. In January 2015, the gallery opens its new 4500 sq. ft. exhibition space in the warehouse art district of downtown Los Angeles at 1923 S. Santa Fe, constituted of four new CB1 exhibition galleries, one of which will serve as a space for national and international commercial galleries as well as non-profit organizations.

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